Men and Make Up

I have another corporate photo shoot coming up for a Sports Radio Station and it inspired me to write about Men and Make Up. Makeup has been used on men for camera purposes for decades but only recently has it gained acceptance in the everyday world. Makeup can help men cover up nicks from shaving, cover up their blemishes and some other facial flaws. Light application is the key to looking great. Here are some tips and techniques for a no makeup look.

First apply a face primer. Primers smooth out the skin so that the makeup goes on flawlessly for a no makeup look. Primers come in gel, liquid or solids. The gel type is best for camera because it has less oil and therefore less reflection. The liquid type can work well for everyday because it reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Dust the entire face with Pin Up Cosmetics mineral foundation. Use an extremely light hand so the face appears natural to the camera. Dust on a light layer of setting powder and smooth out with a sponge.

Brush the eyebrows in the natural direction they grow. Mix a little primer and an appropriate matte eye shadow shade to fill in any missing spots in the brow area using a small brush. Brush eyebrows again in a natural direction to get rid of excess color. Lastly apply a small amount of lip balm for moisture always make sure the lips look natural and do not appear shiny.