Turn your mineral foundation into a liquid foundation

12642500_10153955678799630_8124913261084395022_n I recommend this application if you have dry skin or simply prefer the familiarity of liquid foundation. You have complete control over how much coverage you achieve, from tinted moisturizer (lightest) to thick, rich cream (fullest) because you are mixing it yourself. If you struggle with dryness, sometimes mineral makeup can enhance that tight feeling, and leave you less-than-glowing, but by using the liquid method you moisturize and cover at the same time.

To start, cleanse and moisturize your face. Then in your foundation lid, or on a saucer if you prefer, mix a dollop of your favorite Pin Up Cosmetics moisturizer with just a sprinkle of foundation powder. Experiment with ratios to come up with the coverage that’s just right for you.

To apply, you can either use your fingers, a makeup sponge, or for the best coverage and professional finish, I like to use a foundation brush. Be sure to blend well, especially around the hair and jaw lines; this technique is the least forgiving if you don’t blend.  You might like to dust on a light, dry coat of Pin Up Cosmetics mineral veil if you want a matte finish, or if you’re going for a more dewy look, go without.

What you will need:

Pin Up Cosmetics Rose Petal Face Cream or Lavender & Chamomile Cream and our Vegan Mineral Foundation.

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