Pin Up Cosmetics Review

10294338_10152399438389630_4326570050258900600_nWe received an excellent review today from one of our local customers! We handcraft our products with great detail so this review really means allot to us...

I found your store online when I searched for vegan beauty products. I also live in San Francisco, so I think that helped narrow down the search!!

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for being a part of the vegan community. You offer cruelty-free products that work great and are affordable-- not always an easy-to-find combination!

I bought several weeks ago your Lavender and Grapefruit Skin Serum and it instantly became my favorite beauty product that I own. I am 24, and I have always dealt with unruly skin, yet somehow this serum cured all my blemishes and left my skin glowing throughout the day. I no longer have to cover my face with foundation makeup to hide redness or acne, because it's no longer there!

Plus, it lasts a long time! I used it nearly every day for about three weeks, and I had barely gone through 1/5 of the bottle. A little goes a long way! When I finish rubbing some on my face, I use whatever is left on my palms and run it through my hair. It has definitely helped smooth out my frizzy ends and leaves my hair shining!

And it smells amazing!! I love the grapefruit and lavender scent. It smells so refreshing when I use it in the morning after I shower.

I will buy your products again because I love the way they work!

Thanks and cheers,

Holly Plant-Based Health and Wellness Writer San Francisco, California

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